Confirm Your Place Terms and Conditions

Overview: This document contains important information about the Study Group USA Higher Educations LLC (“Study Group”) Confirm Your Place reduction (“CYP”). CYP is being made available to ensure you can continue your education journey in the US. CYP is available to all students applying for the Fall 2024 intake at the University of Hartford listed in Table 1.  It provides assistance as it reduces the amount of the deposit/confirmation fee amount required to confirm your place for the Fall 2024 intake.

PLEASE READ THE ENTIRE DOCUMENT.  Should you have any questions about CYP, please contact your educational representative for more information.

Eligibility: To be eligible for CYP you must be a student who on or after 24 March 2024:

  1. has accepted an unconditional offer from Study Group, or has been notified by Study Group that you have satisfied all conditions on a conditional offer such that the offer is now unconditional; and
  2. has accepted an unconditional offer before the Confirmation Deadline stated in Table 1 below; and
  3. will be attending the Fall 2024 intake in accordance with Table 1.

Table 1 - Fall 2024 Intakes 

Partner Level Program Confirmation Deadline Original Deposit Fee Reduced Deposit Fee 
University of Hartford Graduate Direct Admit 8 July 2024 $2,000 $550 


  • The standard Terms and Conditions stated within your Offer Letter apply to the reduced deposit.
  • You are not entitled to the CYP reduction if you applied to the Fall 2024 intake prior to 24 March 2024.
  • Study Group reserves the right to decline the CYP for any student or withdraw the offer of the CYP Study Group’s discretion.