Why study a pathway program

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What is a pathway program?

The University of Hartford International Pathway Program is a gateway to university for international students. If you don’t yet have the grades to apply direct to the University, or you would benefit from extra support as you transition to life in the U.S., a pathway program could be a great choice. You will gain academic credits and personal support from expert teachers and study on campus, surrounded by other international students.

Hear from Sam Skinner, Director of International Admission at the University of Hartford, about the international student experience in a recent IELTS Podcast.

What is a pathway program equivalent to?

The International Pathway Program is roughly equivalent to the first year of a degree. It combines university academic courses (credited) with additional English courses (non-credited). The length of your pathway program depends on your English language level upon enrollment. If you study the two-semester program, you will earn the same number of academic credits as a first-year student who enrolls directly at the University, putting you on track to graduate in four years (the standard amount of time for an undergraduate degree).

Benefits of studying a pathway program

Tailored for international students

The International Pathway Program is designed specifically to support international students and help them reach their goals. It combines English language teaching with help to develop vital study skills that will help you at university. You will also learn about U.S. culture and customs to give you a smooth start to your life here. You will be supported by experts in international education, who have years of experience and understand your needs, as well as University of Hartford faculty members.

Improve your English language skills

Our tailored English language courses help you build your English language skills and confidence so that you are prepared for university life. You will speak English day to day around the campus, as well as in the classroom, and engage with domestic U.S. students as well as other international students from around the world.

Fill any gaps in knowledge between high school and university

Alongside English language and study skills lessons, you will study your chosen subject at university level. You will have the chance to develop your knowledge and explore new interests Small class sizes mean you will get more support from your teachers to help you with your academics and your English skills.

Time to prepare and adjust

Moving abroad is a big step and here you will have the chance to adjust to US culture with personalized support transitioning to the US. This includes U.S. culture classes and events, field trips, and campus activities. You will study with students from across the globe, all with the same academic and career goals as you, and you’ll also have access to University of Hartford clubs and organizations, giving you a chance to explore the location and get to know your classmates outside of the classroom.

Guaranteed university place

You will have guaranteed progression to your chosen degree program at UHart once you have successfully completed your pathway and have achieved the progression requirements. You will have weekly one-to-one check-in meetings with your student support team to ensure you are on track and have everything you need to succeed.

Why study a pathway program in the USA?

There are many reasons to choose the USA for your studies abroad. U.S. universities are known not only for the quality of their education, but also for the unparalleled experience they offer. The friendly, active campus lifestyle and diverse student populations ensure that everyone finds a home here. You will also have access to career-focused activities such as networking with international alumni, resume building and interview skills.

Study a pathway program in the USA with Hartford

By choosing a pathway program at the University of Hartford, you will be a university student from day one, studying on UHart’s beautiful and friendly campus, with access to all clubs and facilities. You will also benefit from focused support to ensure your academic success. Study with us to practice your English and adjust to U.S. university life while earning credits towards your degree. Get an American education and look forward to a successful career when you graduate.

Apply now and receive dedicated support through the admissions and arrival process.