Q and A with Ritu a UHart International Student

Hartford University International Student in the snow

Ritu is a University of Hartford student from India. She is currently studying for her Master’s degree in Architecture within UHart’s College of Engineering, Technology and Architecture (CETA). Also, she is a Student Ambassador for the UHart International Pathway Program (IPP). We asked Ritu about her experiences at the university.

What made you decide to study in the USA?

I had a dream to come to the USA for my study when I was young. I grew up seeing the USA in movies. Also, we all know that the United States is known for its higher education opportunities. So, I decided to take deep dive to explore my knowledge in the States.

Can you describe your experience at your university this spring? Why was it a positive experience?

Being a second-year architecture student, it was very easy for me to get comfortable in a university environment. Also, the university environment was very friendly and quiet. In the middle of COVID, all professors were very understanding and helpful all the time.

What were your classes like? What stood out as something special?

Last spring, I have attended very interesting classes. I got an opportunity to work on real ongoing projects in the city of Hartford, and got to meet new people in the planning department, which is I believe very helpful to make your own identity and create connections in practical life among them.

Ritu spoke to us about how the University of Hartford has given her opportunities to connect with community members and help her prepare for her career.

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