Advantages of studying in the USA

23 June 2021

Deciding to pursue a degree is a big step and choosing to study abroad in the USA for your degree is even bigger. Many international students choose the USA for their studies, for a number of reasons. The American higher education system is world-leading, both for academic standards and teaching methods. A degree from a US institution will make you stand out to prospective employers once you graduate. Additionally, American culture is warm and friendly, and you’ll struggle to find anywhere in the world more culturally diverse. US universities have decades of experience in welcoming and supporting international students. Read on for five of the main advantages of studying abroad in the USA.

5 advantages of studying abroad in the USA

1. Academic excellence

Many of the best colleges around the globe are located in the United States – the country is famous for its high academic standards and world-leading teaching methods. The American higher education system is also known for offering a wide range of study options and degrees for international students. You’ll find plenty of programs that fit your interests and career goals. Importantly, American degrees are internationally recognized. After you graduate, employers around the world will look favorably upon you and your qualifications.

2. Cultural diversity

The US attracts people from all over the world and the country is one of the most culturally diverse. When studying at an American university, you’ll get to work, study and socialize with people from many different backgrounds and cultures.

3. Support systems for international students

Choosing to study abroad in the USA is a big, exciting step. As an international student, you will have access to world-class support systems. You’ll be supported with your academic and learning needs, but the dedicated staff will also help you adjust to American culture and support you while you settle into your new home. As the US is such a popular country for international students, American universities are well-practiced at welcoming and supporting them.

4. Career opportunities

Whether you ultimately plan to immigrate to America, or to return home to work, earning a degree in the United States will expand your career opportunities. The experience of working and studying abroad alone will make you a more desirable job candidate, especially if you’re applying to a global company. While studying, international students can take advantage of internships and work experience to gain real-world experience in their fields. While studying in the US, you’ll also get the opportunity to network with fellow students, academics and professionals. This networking will help you to build relationships for when you graduate and start moving into the job market.

5. Unique campus life

Social life is an important part of the US college experience. America has a friendly, welcoming culture and you’ll have opportunities to become part of the community as soon as you arrive on campus. You will work and socialize with many other students – both American and international. Universities also have a range of clubs and societies you can join. Whether you’re a seasoned hiker or want to try your hand at painting, you’ll find the perfect group for you.

Benefits of studying at the University of Hartford, Connecticut


The University of Hartford is in Connecticut, which is located in the northeastern region of the United States, right on the coast. Connecticut is directly between Massachusetts, housing the great city of Boston, and New York. In addition to everything Connecticut has to offer, studying at Hartford will allow you easy access to these great states.

Fortune 500 companies and start-ups

Connecticut is home to 20 Fortune 500 companies; some examples include Stanley Black & Decker, United Rentals, and Xerox. Additionally, many startups choose Connecticut as their base. When studying at Hartford, you’ll have the opportunity to network with professionals from the state’s companies and build relationships for when you graduate.

Insurance capital of the world

Of Connecticut’s various cities, Hartford especially is known for being the insurance capital of the world. This area remains the primary location for jobs in the insurance profession, with over 60,000 workers employed. Many of the largest insurers are based here, including Aetna, Cigna, and Travelers.

Green spaces and wooded trails

A major attraction of Connecticut is its diverse landscape. In addition to buzzing cities, the state also has a range of forests, green spaces, mountain ranges and the coast. Students who enjoy nature and being outdoors will find many trails for walking, cycling and horseback riding.

Start your study abroad journey with the University of Hartford

University of Hartford is a small, community-centred university, with an environment designed to help you succeed both academically and socially.

Along with your studies at our subject-specific schools and colleges, you’ll also have opportunities to gain work experience through placements and internships.

International Pathway Program

The International Pathway Program (IPP) is your route to a degree from the highly ranked University of Hartford.

Our pathway will prepare you for degree study at UHart, and on completion, you can progress to your chosen undergraduate or Master’s degree program.

The IPP is designed for students who have proven their academic ability but need to strengthen their English skills to achieve the most success at university. You’ll learn about your subjects of interest and also work on study skills and English language proficiency.

You can choose between our International Year for undergraduate students, and our Master’s International Year for graduate students. Once you’ve successfully completed the IPP, you can progress to your dream degree at the University of Hartford.